Relays designed specifically for mode 2 cable chargers

For the charging of electric vehicles using household or CEE sockets, the IEC62752 standard offers EVSE designers a welcome sense of clarity on what future regulations are likely to require for Mode 2 charging cables. ZETTLER’s new relay series AZEV116 and AZEV132 were developed specifically for use in accordance with IEC62752 and, more importantly, to meet the stringent endurance and short-circuit withstand-current requirements of this standard.

Key Features

  • Non-latching SPST-NO (1 Form A) relay with wide contact gap ≥ 2.25 mm
  • Mechanically coupled and isolated signal monitoring contact (1 Form B) for detection of welded contacts
  • Dielectric strength of 4,000 Vrms between power and coil/monitoring contacts
  • UL, CUR and TUV certifications

Endurance & Performance

  • 50,000 switching cycles @ 85C with resistive load (32A, 277 VAC)
  • 10,000 switching cycles with ISO 17409 inrush current (200A to 30A)
  • Short-circuit withstand ≥ 1.5 kA; ≥ 6.0 kA²s (AZEV132)
  • Low contact resistance (typical <2mΩ)

AZEV116 Data Sheet         AZEV132 Data Sheet

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